Drying Your Gunnie: Do not use a dryer as there are multiple types of fabrics used in each bag and a dryer may affect them differently. Please lay your Gunnie flat to dry.Ironing Your Gunnie: Test in descrete area before using an iron or iron using a piece of fabric between the bag and iron. Again, there are multiple types of fabric used in each bag and not all fabrics are hot iron friendly.

Sizing/Fitting Your Backpack: The cord straps on the backpack are adjustable. You can shorten or lengthen as needed to suit to wear over a t-shirt or winter coat. The best method for doing this is to put something in it to weigh it down, put it on then estimate the adjustment longer or shorter (usually an inch or two). Go into the bag and grab the knotted cord in each corner and simply reknot higher/lower to make it longer or shorter. Simple and easy.

Replacing your Twine & Bead and Backpack Straps: I use a grommet to attach the twine and bead closure and backpack cord straps for your convenience so you can easily change, remove or replace them as necessary or to your liking. Both can be found at the Home Depot at very reasonable prices. Click here for an image of the twine and cord with packaging. Backpack cord is available in lots of fun colors if you wanted to personalize it.

Comfort Kernel Therapy Bags: (click here for printable version)